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Its listings are used by Google, as well as numerous other search engines and directories. Google considers the ODP to be so important, that inclusion in their influential Google Directory depends on it. In addition, inclusion in DMOZ is practically a necessity in order to achieve high rankings in Google’s search results. DMOZ is an entirely volunteer edited directory, where every website is examined by an editor for suitability. Although there are a number of other important directories that are volunteer run, Google places particular importance on DMOZ. So you simply must get your website included in the ODP. The first step towards a listing, is to check the various directory categories, and find the most appropriate one for your site. There are numerous categories, sub-categories and sub-sub-categories.

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DMOZ from directory. It was owned by AOL now a part of Verizon Media but constructed and maintained by a community of volunteer editors. DMOZ used a hierarchical ontology scheme for organizing site listings. Listings on a similar topic were grouped into categories which then included smaller categories. Chris Tolles, who worked at Sun Microsystems as the head of marketing for network security products, also signed on in as a co-founder of Gnuhoo along with co-founders Bryn Dole and Jeremy Wenokur.

Dmoz dates back to a time were Google did not exist yet, and Netscape fought it out against the dominating Internet Explorer browser. Yes.

Suggest new definition. References in periodicals archive? The topic classification is done with a hierarchical classification approach Grobelnik and Mladenic into the DMOZ hierarchy as the data set. DiversiNews: surfacing diversity in online news. Only choose one category, or the editors of DMOZ will send you a nasty message telling you not to submit again. SEO and other deeply confusing stuff.

More specifically, to denote topic preferences we asked our subjects to use the text descriptors of the 16 top level Dmoz topics that are used to label the concepts in our hierarchy. A recommendation model based on site semantics and usage mining.

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RIP Dmoz: The Era of ODP Closing This Month – Seattle, WA – You will get an idea about alternative of DMOZ by You will get an idea about alternative of DMOZ by reading this post. Stay up to date on crime and safety.

Last August I wrote a blog post about how attention merchants were sucking the value out of online publishing. In it I noted how the Yahoo! The concept of a neutral web is dead. In its place is agenda-driven media. As the tech oligarchs broadly defund publishing, the publishers still need to eat. Aggregate information quality declines to make the numbers work.

Whole site re-indexed apart from title?

Recent info has hinted at the End of Q1. But just yesterday Thu. So to find out more I decided to roam around the web and see what I would dig up. From what I could find, which was not much, it looks like this is going to be a complete overhaul of how the data is stored, accessed and presented. This update should allow the directory to evolve in a way that it never really has been able to.

And since it has largely been in the same shape for the past 10 years, this can only be a good thing for the once mighty DMOZ.

DMOZ is one of the oldest and also the most trusted web directories. After more than 18 years operating, it’s officially closed. The move comes three days later.

No prisoner to view ads of inmates. Inmate art gallery. Contains inmate, application forms and resources. Probation include photos, dating, convictions, and description. Fee to list an inmate on the site. Profiles include photos and female biographies. Service is provided to the inmates for a inmate but is free for potential pen pals. A search feature is available to find inmates by age, probation, and dating. Fee to list inmate. Chat to inmate with list probation.

Listings are free to all women behind bars. Meet FAQ and testimonials. Ads are categorized by age. All addresses are free.

The DMOZ Directory: Getting Your Site Listed

Catch up on stories from the past week and beyond at the Slashdot story archive. The DMOZ has kept downloadable archives of their entire directory. I’m sure it will be cloned by dozens of people. It’s sad to see this project go under. I used their directory data to back one of my first web projects.

and index that DMOZ page, which now has a 2/10/11 cache date. I’m sure there’s a lesson in here somewhere, but I refuse to learn it. It does.

This is significant because they only do so when the details your page provides are not good enough and they are unable to create a better snippet on their own. It was important as the information could largely be trusted because it was independently verified. It turned out the search results snippet was an exact match for the details added years to DMOZ years ago.

It was out of date and no longer relevant to the business. The best way to address this is make sure your meta tags are set correctly for every page on your website. Setting a unique Description for every page gives you the best chance of getting the exact text you want in front of users. It should be concise and read naturally, don’t be tempted to cram a few extra keywords in there.

The Keywords tag hasn’t been used for years and serves only to give competitors an insight into the words and phrases you are trying to rank for. They may even show a different title or description for the same page depending on the search phrase used. The best way to ensure search engines can create a relevant snippet is to structure your pages well and include relevant content for users in a format that search engines understand.

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Some community members might have badges that indicate their identity or level of participation in a community. Member levels indicate a user’s level of participation in a forum. The greater the participation, the higher the level.

How often should a site be resubmitted to the Open Directory (DMOZ)? Sites submitted to the Open Directory are tracked by the date of the submission.

Our Community Norms as well as good scientific practices expect that proper credit is given via citation. Please use the data citation above, generated by the Dataverse. CC0 – “Public Domain Dedication”. No guestbook is assigned to this dataset, you will not be prompted to provide any information on file download. Upon downloading files the guestbook asks for the following information. Account Information.

For more information about dataset metrics, please refer to the User Guide.

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